Monday, November 08, 2010

Why the plastic surgery?

Why do some women insist on getting plastic surgery when it neither makes them look better nor younger? And not to mention the risk – I mean why put yourself under a general anaesthetic for a look? I can get aging and not being happy with how you look but I can’t get going through risky surgery , spending a fortune and then coming out and looking worse.

As for me – I hate hospitals and the thought of going under does not thrill me – elective plastic surgery? Hell no.


LinWots said...

Totally agree with you. I also do not approve plastic surgeries just for "being more beautiful".

!MandoLiN! said...

Amen dude. Especially for women - breast implants. Don't they understand that they will technically have four breasts due to the lumpiness? It's disgusting. We are made the way we are for a reason. People are just impatient and unhappy pricks.