Monday, November 22, 2010

We are all human.

I am watching an episode of Dispatches in which Pakistani people are speaking about the loss of loved ones in various bombing incidents.

It is heartbreaking.

One man made a point that stuck with me – he said something to the effect that to many people throughout the world, when they hear of bombings and deaths in Pakistan, these deaths are just a number. He said that in the morning he dropped his wife off at work and in the evening he collected her body. How can you explain that he asked? How indeed.

Let’s try not to see these and other deaths simply as statistics. One death is the loss of a loved one for many people and creates a pain that will probably never fully go away. Let us be compassionate and remember these people. For those of us who have faith, let’s pray for those who mourn, regularly, that they may be comforted. Just imagine for a moment if your loved one had been killed. How would you feel? Like they were a statistic?

I think not.


Sui Generis said...

I understand where you are coming from here and your request is reasonable (i.e not to think of deaths as a statistic). But you know that this cannot be applicable in real life, because man seeks to better himself by focusing on himself and it is sad that people do not understand the value of human lives. This is to be expected because minds are often centered on the local and also its difficult to understand the perspectives of someone unless you've experienced such a similar thing.
(by the way am also from the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact.)

corporate events said...

So true, this is so sad. We need to come together as one family in this world. All life is precious.

Tox said...

its right... we did not go through pains and miserable life their whats the our edge to say about statistic of their love ones.....

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Gloria said...

You are right about people becoming statistics. Perhaps it is easy for us to only see numbers when we are somewhere else. Those horrible things happen "there" and not in our world. So my question is, besides prayer-what do we do? To be aware is a first step but what do we do to help our fellow human beings?