Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tax,tax, tax

Bills, bills, tax, tax. Mi ah suck salt troo wooden spoon!

Why is it that the only way this government sees its way out of any spending issue is to tax people who are already heavily taxed eh? Because they are weak and lazy that's why.

Intelligent wealthy people find ways to avoid paying as much tax as possible and they will continue to do so. It's the rest of us salaried workers who pay the taxes that run the country. Why don't they just do the work that needs to be done to ensure a fair payment of tax (in my opinion a flat rate of income tax only because calculating and collecting all the different taxes costs a lot to administer)? Because they are weak (they want to win votes and many unthinking people think taxing a wealthy people somehow does them some good. People it doesn't. If you are in a low paying job with not qualifications your position is not ameliorated by a wealthy person losing money). And because they are lazy. To fix to fiscal problems we have takes application, ingenuity and hard work. It is much easier for them to put a plaster over the chasm rather than build an appropriate bridge.

I do not agree with the majority of Brits that success and wealth should be taxed to the point of punishment. All of us should be encouraged to do well and once we are we will all benefit. I mean one of Alistair Darling's proposals is to tax patents on people's ideas! So what, you come up with a good idea, work on it and protect it with a patent and you are to be punished?

I've said it before and will say it again, if they carry on like this the country will run further into the ground. The only people left will be those who are shiftless and or dumb. The hardworking and intelligent will have all buggered off to Europe or America.

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