Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Is the music dying?

After watching about half an hour of music TV I had to ask myself this question. The proliferation of crap music and even crappier videos is depressing.

Some say that talent shows of the ilk of X-Factor have contributed to the crap. It contributes but is not the cause I think. I think marketing and recording people who want to make a quick buck, in conjunction with an increasingly dumb, young public are the cause of the problem.

Undoubtedly there is some good music out there but more and more, you get record companies who only want to make a quick buck plus young untalented people who just want to be famous inflicted on us. That lady who used to be on Fame Academy was quoted in a daily the other day as saying she was working with a talented young singer who won a national singing contest, sounded excellent but sadly couldn’t get a record deal. The companies apparently needed to be assured the public would like her – talent was definitely not enough. She had to go on a few years later to win the X-Factor in order to prove herself. Now, Leona may very well have found a deal without X-Factor but it’s a shame she couldn’t isn’t it?

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