Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enable People to Support Themselves

So the new unemployment figures are out and there is the usual talk. I agree with one point being made – I think the TUC made it. They say that just because some things are improving we can’t say we are coming out of this recession until people are able to get jobs. And not only get jobs, but get ones that pay a salary that can keep them.

One of the major problems I see here in the UK is that many jobs do not pay a salary that can keep a person and their family. So you have an awful lot of working poor and to be honest, they and their families are better off if they stop working and take benefits.

This is stupid. People should be able to earn a living wage. Surely it’s better for the country for people to be able to support themselves and to contribute to the country’s coffers through purchasing goods and services and taxes?

And here we have one of the largest stumbling blocks. The British tax policy. It is totally against the ordinary working person. If we were taxed fairly people would probably be able to support themselves and their families on the wages they ear, at least they’d be able to support them more.

If there was a flat rate of income tax that would be better. People earning more would automatically pay more for those of you who are so inclined. If they scrapped the tax on having a TV that would be an extra £150 a year on average. If they were reasonable about fuel tax the majority of things would be cheaper. About 70p out of the average £1.04 for each litre of gas is tax - madness!

If council tax was a reasonable figure and you were able to get a decent service in return – that would help.

And the biggie – if child care costs weren’t so astronomical it would help get a whole bunch of people into work. If you have more than ne child your salary is cancelled out by nursery costs.
Yes, something definitely needs to be done to get people a salary that can support them.

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