Monday, September 14, 2009

Are we forgetting that the criminals are in the minority?

Instituting these new rules regarding taking care of children is ridiculous. It seems to have come out of the fact that Ian Huntley was able to get a job at a school even though he had complaints or offences against children.

This is one of the major sicknesses with British society.

Somebody is negligent or a mistake occurs. Instead of punishing the negligent party and making things right by enforcing the rule that already exists, we create a whole new elaborate set of rules and force law abiding citizens to abide by them – oh – and the new rule is completely useless and ineffective.

This is the case with this situation. In this case someone was negligent. Huntley should have undergone a CRB check before he got that job. He either didn’t or more disturbingly, he did and the school’s authorities ignored the result and hired him anyway. So what do they do after Huntley murders those girls? Tighten up the existing rules, examine them and plug any loopholes? Nope. They wait a couple of years and institute this farce of an idea.
The majority of adults are not paedophiles – this will only hurt kids. Those who are paedophiles will not be stopped by the new rules.

Talk to the relevant authorities and the relevant specialists, i.e. teachers, parents and relevant groups and help them to come up with a sensible solution. Don’t scare responsible decent people from taking care of kids.

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Jdid said...

happens everywhere. the authorities just go overboard