Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The argument for a republic

I am in favour of a republic for the UK.

People say we ‘only’ pay about 69p per person for the royal family. My point is why should we be paying anything at all? Here are the facts. All taxpayers – many of whom can barely make ends meet, contribute money towards a family who by the accident of birth are deemed royal. This family doesn’t work and they are given palaces and mansions to live in and lucrative estates which earn massive incomes. They are lauded as the cream of society and don’t ever have to worry about feeding themselves or having a roof over their heads.

This is not right in any circumstances but even more so in a recession.

Some argue that they are of tourist value. So they are – but are you telling me that if the UK became a republic then the royal family wouldn’t still be a tourist attraction?

I say get rid of their official status – make the lot of them earn a living by contributing to the economy. Lord knows it would probably allow them to have healthier family lives. And let us all eat by the sweat of our brows and be citizens of the country we contribute to instead of subjects to a family that contributes nothing.

Oh – and let us have a proper national anthem as well – something rousing about what our country means to us and how we will contribute to it. Not an entreaty for God to save the Queen who as head of the COE should already be saved in the Christian sense and certainly doesn’t need saving in any other

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