Sunday, January 21, 2007

Serious Gales

The weather here has been terrible over the past week. Torrential downpours and winds up to 70 miles per hour. At the last count over 40 people have died. It's been awful and quite scary.

The other day a manager came into our office (at about 2pm) and said we could all go home if we anticipated difficulties - a lot of trains were cancelled due to flooding. On the news I saw a plane taking off and it was being blown from one side to another. The Managing Director of Birmingham Airport was on the way to work when a tree branch fell through his windscreen - killed him instantly.

We were looking out of the window at work the other day and the light posts and traffic lights were shaking. I tell you I didn't think it could get that bad here.

We've had a pretty mild winter so far - temperatures like 13 degrees but it looks like we free paper bun - forecast says there'll be snow tonight. Joy - NOT. Snow looks lovely on Christmas cards but when you have to go to work in it it's no fun.


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