Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here We Go Again - Unfortunately

How’s this for some depressing news? Three days into the New Year and thirteen people have been murdered in Jamaica (I don’t know how many more have been killed now that we are on day 4).

For a country that on the face of it is not at ward, what the hell kind of statistics are these?

It’s enough to make you feel there’s no hope whatsoever at all. Incredibly depressing. Incredibly so.

The leaner mentioned that there is prayer for peace going on but you can’t pray in a vacuum. How can a country spend so much time praying for peace but not each and everyday, each individual order their actions, thoughts and words to be geared towards peace? What can you expect God to do when you ask him for peace but then go out and abuse someone or chop them up or whatever? Too much hypocrisy. I unfortunately have no idea how it’s going to get any better. There has to be a national commitment and action to eradicating the type of culture that produces this level of violence and coldness. Also, the police and judiciary have to be committed to contributing to a safer society and duly and accordingly funded! I fear however that all that will happen is even more of those who can leave will, the rich remainder will gate their communities up even more and more and more will die.

God help us all.

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