Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Plight of the Overtaxed

Got my new TV licence today.

Now we here in the UK are a much taxed people but this tax particularly gets my goat.

As I'd briefly mentioned in another post, if you have a TV in the UK you have to buy a TV licence which now costs about £132 a year. If you don't the law will be down on you quicker than a Big Brother viewer's brain cells disappear within the first three seconds of broadcast.

The rationale for this is that this money funds the 'high quality' programming of the BBC. All other 'commercial' stations pretty much have to fend for themselves and obtain advertising revenue in order to fund their activities. We are supposed to be satisfied with the superior output of the BBC and the fact that they don't run ads in return for being held up each month (they encourage you to pay this ransom by monthly direct debit)

Now this is such a crock of . .. ! Firstly, the BBC does advertise, they spend ages advertising their own programmes usually costly animated ads, rubbing your nose in the fact that you are financing some heavy duty goings on. Secondly, their presenters and staff seem to get paid a King's ransom in salary. Thirdly, the quality of their programming is in serious doubt as to it being top quality.

It may have been (and I doubt it ever was) relevant in the past when they were the only show in town, but now the TV licence fee needs to be abolished.

At the very least, they should share it out amongst all the channels, but at the most the British public should be relieved of this tax.


Anonymous said...

I never did get that TV licence bu!!$h!t.
Unrelated note: glad to see you spell it LYME.. these damn Trini's keep poinging me insisting that its LIME.
Lime use fi mek wash! ent?

Chief Lymer said...

Indeed it is, lime use fi mek wash!