Monday, October 09, 2006

More UK Tax Madness

Here's the latest.

Some UK local councils are planning (or already are!) to put chips in people's rubbish bins to measure how much rubbish they throw away. Depending on the amount, each householder will then be presented with a bill for having their garbage taken away!

They say this is to encourage more re-cycling, but the council only collect the recycling bins once per month (the garbage is collected once per week) They say in order to collect the recycling more often they would need more money hence the chips. What about the enormous council tax that each householder has to pay? Shouldn't that cover this service?

I tell you this country is the most taxed on this earth! You pay income tax, which varies depending on so many factors, and the more successful you are, the higher your rate (what a backward attitude to wealth creation!). You have to pay a tax for owning a television £131 per year, you pay council tax, we pay £75 per month, you make your pension contributions, your health contributions, car gas is taxed to the hilt, there's 17.5% VAT, they even tax you when you die. It's amazing the populace hasn't risen up in outrage!

I wait to see what hapens with the garbage.

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