Monday, August 14, 2006

Excitement at the Airport

Seems like I am always travelling close to the time of excitement at airports. In September 2001 I was at the hairdressers in the Springs getting braids put in while the twin towers were obliterated. The following week I was booked on a plane to the UK. And now just 2 weeks after returning to the UK from Jamaica there is this big scare at UK airports. No hand luggage at all except for loose change etc. in a clear plastic bag.

My thought is how can they possible go back to letting people carry hand luggage as they used to? Won't the terrorists just try again? But go back to the old ways they are - today it was announced that people can again take on hand luggage. The only restriction is the size. YoOu can't take anything larger than a small computer bag. So excuse me, expolsives or their components cannot fit in a computer bag?

I'd be more comfortable if they kept the clear plastic bag restriction indefinitely!

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