Monday, October 18, 2010

The Death of Good Taste

The latest instalment of the X-Factor has sealed the death of good taste in the UK. It seems as though if you are an excellent singer, can keep in tune and in time then you are not considered of the greatest value by the judges. However, if they take a shine to you for whatever reason (never the reason of musical talent) then you are considered fantastic. Even after hearing a lacklustre, out of tune, out of time performance, these ridiculous people who know better laud their acts to the skies. They can’t possibly be fooling even themselves.

They need to remove the competition element between the judges because it is now in the realms of the ridiculous. Make it a straightforward, talent show for goodness sake before we become even more of a global laughing stock than we are when it comes to high quality anything.

And I think they should keep up the guest singer judges because to be honest (and I don’t want to be harsh) but neither Danni nor Cheryl Cole can sing well so it’s a bit rich hearing some of their comments. They need some successful, SINGERS not people famous for being famous more than anything on the panel in addition to the industry experts. And if someone is a successful singer they don’t have months to devote so judging a programme like this so you either need a successful person who has kind of retired from the biz (Anita Baker for example) or rotate guest judges.

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