Monday, September 27, 2010

Journalists need to speak for us

I am tired of journalists trying to stir up trouble when they have the chance to interview those in power. In the wake of Ed Milliband’s win all I seem to hear journalists ask him is, ‘how does this affect your relationship with your brother,’ ‘does this mean Labour will lurch to the left,’ ‘Didn’t you only get in because of the unions?’ ‘You don’t really have a mandate, or you didn’t really win because there was only a 1.3% difference.’

For goodness sake – as a voter does the answer to any of those questions add anything to your life? Doesn’t add anything to mine.

Why don’t they ask him how he plans to make Labour winnable in the next election? How about, how is he going to counter to ConDems’ slash and burn techniques? How can he convince us that life will be better under a Labour government than under a Tory government?

We need to demand better not just from our politicians but from our media too.

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