Monday, April 12, 2010

My manifesto

Now we are in the silly season, here are some things I think should be done to improve life in the UK:

1) Flat rate of income tax for all income above £18,000 per annum. Anyone earning £18k or under pays no income tax. Everyone else's first £18k will be tax free. This saves the administration costs of administering different tax rates and it is fair - 10% of £10 is by definition less than 10% of £100.

2) Abolish the Tv license tax and make the BBC pay for itself - it already has a commercial arm and it sure as hell has fallen down on the edifying programme mandate.

3) Force, through legislation, each TV channel to have a certain percentage of their programming as public service and tightly define what that means.

4) Make farmers vaccinate against what can be vaccinated against.

5) Make kids get vaccinated against chickenpox.

6) Vaccinate everyone against flu - prevents valuable man hours being lost.

7) Make companies incorporate flexible working and have as many people as possible work from home - reducing traffic and childcare issues.

8) Make banks be honourable.

9) Everyone should have the option to pay bills by standing order.

10) Companies should not have the upper hand re: direct debits.

More on Wednesday.

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may the blessing be with you.........................................