Monday, July 14, 2008

Time for a Change

Well Dr. Phillips has declared his intention to run for the PNP leadership. I never thought I’d say this but good luck to him. I am bitterly disappointed with Portia. I had such hopes for her when she became the leader of the PNP but she messed it up big time. It’s not helpful to the country or the sisterhood that she hasn’t done well for the country and by extension for herself. Here’s hoping Peter Philips can do better.

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Yes,Indeed, it is definitely time for the PNP to jettison Ms. Simpson-Miller and choose a new leader in Dr. Peter Phillips.Ms. Simpson-Miller is not a leader, she is just a supposedly popular person in her marginalized and depressed S.W.St.Andrew garrison,where her very lack of management and leadership skills over the last two to three decades have exacerbated the high incidence of persistent poverty being experienced by the residents she claims to love,but in essence is unable to do anything to improve their lot.The PNP needs to look BEYOND POORSHA for a viable future.With what is taking place today in the world with respect to globalization,food crisis, energy problems inter alia, the PNP needs a real leader and not just magnetism and false charisma to confuse the people.Again, the clarion call within the PNP should be BEYOND SISTA P.Comparatively, Dr. Phillips is indeed a better choice for the future of the party.