Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Racists are the Problem, Not Black People

In the US Democratic elections one point keeps coming up, namely that Obama does not have the support of racists – otherwise known as white blue collar workers without a university education.*

Yet when this issue is discussed, it is discussed along the terms of Obama having this problem of not being able to attract these voters. Not once do any of the media pundits call it as it is – that the problem is that so many white people are racists. It is so bad that in exit polls many of these racists freely admit that race plays a significant part in their voting decision and many say they will either not vote or will vote for McCain if Obama wins. Can you understand the depths of their racism? These are democrats – people involved enough to be voting in the primaries – who say they will vote for the other side rather than for a black man (half black actually) who is a democrat – supposedly someone who shares their political views. [All of unu mixed race people who feel your white side is as valid as your black – learn the lesson from this, white people see you as what you look like – do you hear me Tiger?]

I am disgusted that the status quo is being maintained STILL. When are white people as a race going to at least even aspire to start behaving as decent human beings? All those white people who claim they aren’t racists need to be shaming these voters and harshly speaking out against their attitude. But what do we hear? Bloody well nothing. Which goes to prove my point – that many, many, white people who claim they aren’t racists are flippin’ liars – they are racist.

Let me re-state my position. Historically non-white people have had neither the power nor the desire to hate white people en masse. However, from the beginning of their association with non-white people, whites have consistently hated and harmed non-whites [I still ask why the hell do they – can anyone provide the answer?] The fact that white people are racist against non-whites is evidence of a deep evil and depravity of spirit. With the hundreds and hundreds of years of terrible treatment at the hand of whites – non-whites who loathe whites are well within their rights to do so – in fact to loathe the white race – for a black person – is rational – and yet we don’t as an entire race systematically hate white people, because on the whole we recognise them as individuals and treat them as such. This is treatment that we still cannot get from the majority of white people.

Racists are wrong and if you aren’t one you need to be outraged enough to speak up and take action. This automatically excludes millions of so-called non-racist whites because they do and say nothing.

With the rise of the non-white world i.e. Asia – things will change – the power base is shifting. What are white people going to do then?

*There are many stereotypes out there and sadly some are true. In my experience in Jamaica – being poor and uneducated does not preclude you from being civilised, well informed and interested in all kinds of people. Many poor and uneducated people from the country, my father being one, work hard and educate themselves in heir own way and work hard and become cosmopolitan and intelligent members of society – able to and eager to get on with all kinds of different types of people.

Why is it that the stereotype of the blue collar or working class white person – as being bigots and therefore ignorant seems to be proved to be true? Come on people – being poor and not having a university education does not mean you have to be a moron. Elevate your minds – if you’re interested. To me the sign of a beastly, evil and moronic person is having the freedom and facilities to elevate themselves – for free or for little money – and choosing not to. White working class people have a hell of a lot more opportunities to educate themselves, to seek out information and to mix with a wide variety of people than poor black people in the Caribbean do. Yet Caribbean people manage to educate themselves. You see the difference between the two? It is telling isn’t it?

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