Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammies etc.

Watching the Grammies while I work on the computer. Right now Kanye West is on. What a way him full of himself ee doah? Seems like Amy Winehouse has made out like a bandit though. I guess being caught up with all the trouble she has been in hasn’t hurt her chances at winning so many of these major awards. Wonderful message.

Parent to kid: Don’t take drugs; you won’t amount to anything if you take drugs
Kid: Rubbish – I could get a Grammy, hell I could get five!

Oh well.

Having said that he's now singing a wonderful ode to his mother. Great lyrics. So sorry she died.

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Anonymous said...

Just watching Grammies myself. Hung my head in shame as Kayne came to collect his award. Not for his music, but for the way he was dressed. Why can't black people just wear a suit and come presentable. Looked like he had a rubber dinghy round the back of his head and of course, pitch black, dead of night, brother man was wearing dark glasses! Isn't it time that 'fad' was kicked to the kerb.