Monday, October 22, 2007

No Reason to be Sad re: Lewis Hamilton

In all that has happened, there is no reason to be sad about Lewis Hamilton's current position in Formula 1.

Yes, he didn't win the championship yesterday but when you think of what he has done in his rookie year - it is a great achievement.

I think it is a mistake for McLaren to be challenging Ferrari right now - if they were to win this challenge (which I doubt they will) it will be a bitter victory for Lewis.

On the news this morning a group of Alonzo supporters were quoted as saying they were glad Kimi won and not Lewis because as they put it, Lewis has been underhand in his dealings. Unbelievable - if anyone has been underhand in his dealings it is Alonzo.

The constant 'fight 'gainst' is amazing. You're forced to ask yourself if the problem isn't just that people are jealous because he has done so well was a rookie but fury that he has done so well as a BLACK rookie.


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Thalia B. in Jamaica said...

Amen Nicky! We have quite a few "Hami" fans here, converting many who weren't into formula1 before. As a black man, as a Caribbean son, he has done his parents, friends and family, fans, countries, employers PROUD! and yes, the fury from Alonzo fans is annoying, but then, what are they going to say? They are supporting a man of unquestionable talent, but questionable integrity and morals. All around the world (even in Africa) they fight the black man. AND STILL WE RISE!! stay strong sweetie, happy new year!